What’s happened to the postal services?

With the UK still under lock down, the postal service seems to have been struggling a bit. As the majority of shops are shut most people are turning to online shopping to get their supplies. Places such as Ebay, Amazon and clothing retailers have seen a huge spike in traffic and purchases through their sites and this has had a knock on effect on the postal service.

Some retails send mail out via the Royal Mail and others have their own delivery drives or use third party couriers to dispatch items. It seems that all logistical companies have been hit and with social distance rules that have to be adhered to and staff members self isolating, this has just added even more pressure to the situation.

The Royal Mail had said that they were going to cut out Saturday deliveries for now to catch up on mail in the sorting office, but this only seems to have happened in some areas.

If you have ordered something online, most retails are cutting the cost of their delivery charges and stating that delivery times are expected to take longer than usual at present. If this is not the case and you paid for delivery within a certain time which didn’t happen, I would contact the company and ask them to refund you the delivery fee paid.