Supermarket shopping – the new way

Since the Coronavirus pandemic, the way people shop is changing. When it first became apparent that this was going to hit the UK, many people started to stock up on essentials such as food, cleaning products and toilet rolls. This led to many people panic buying and buying in bulk. Now that the UK is on lockdown, people are only supposed to go out for food when it is essential. This means that trips to the local shopping centres are no longer permitted. The only stores that are open are those that supply food and medicine and supplies for people in certain trades.

Many supermarkets are restricting what how many of a certain item you can buy now to try and stop the panic buying and ensure that there is enough stock for everyone. Some supermarkets have also put a restriction on how many people can go into the shop at one time, meaning often there is a one in one out policy in place.

Shopping has certainly changed very drastically for now and no one knows exactly when it will return to normal. Shopping can no longer be the enjoyable outing it once was for many, now it is purely an essential trip that has to be done at certain times.