Shopping online during lockdown

With so many of us not being able to get out other than to do a weekly food shop, many of us are missing our bit of retail therapy. It may even be that you do not like shopping, but if you need items that you cannot get from the grocery store you may have to participate in a bit of online shopping. If you are not sued to online shopping then you may worry about security. If you use one of the big retailers and ensure that you are on the genuine site then the security level is usually pretty high.

Paying with a credit card for higher cost purchases or using PayPal will also give you a bit of added protection.

When shopping online you may think you are less likely to impulse buy but because you often do not realise how much stuff you have added to your basket until the end, if your not careful you can easily get a bit carried away. Many retailers have tempting sales on at the moment which makes it even more likely that we will spend too much.

 Always decide before hand how much you can spend and be sure not to go over that.