Getting carried away with buying accessories

If you have recently done up a room in your house, you may want to go out and get some accessories to go in it. Accessories definitely do have their place and they can make a room look more homely, but you do need to consider how much extra it is going to cost you.  

Buying cushions, table clothes, kitchen storage cannisters, rugs and mats can very quickly add a couple of hundred pounds on to the cost of the renovation of the room.

IF you want to buy next accessories then why not have a look on your local Facebook marketplace. You may be surprised as to how much you can save by buying second-hand items. Often people even sell new items on there but at a fraction of the cost.

Make a list of what sorts of items you want for your newly decorated room. Then put them in a priority order of what you need and then what you want. You can then budget and start off by getting the items you need. Once you have gotten all those items you can start to buy the item you want. You can spread the cost over a few months so it is not such a big outlay all in one go.

You may even be able to upcycle items you already have such as recovering chairs rather than replacing them.