Don’t leave it too late when shopping for school shoes

Many parents will have to get new school shoes for their children at some point in the year but often this coincides with the start of the autumn term but as some parents have discovered leaving this until a week or two before school starts means lack of choice in the shoes and possibly limited availability in certain sizes.

As children have growth spurts at different times of the year there is nothing more frustrating than buying a pair of shoes only for the child to have outgrown them in a couple of months however this is a risk that will need to be taken. The dilemma about whether to choose cheaper shoes and replace them more often or pay more in the hope that the shoes will last longer is one that should be kept in mind if your child has been the same size for a while because the chances are they are going to have a growth spurt soon. Choosing a style of shoe that will fit your child now but allow for some growth is a good idea and generally lace up, buckle or Velcro fastenings are better for younger children rather than slip on varieties.

As soon as school ends in July it is sensible to start the school shoes search so that you do not get caught out in late August when demand is high.