Buying educational books to help your child at school

Many parents find it difficult to know how to help their child with their school work. As methods of teaching change, it is worrying to know whether or not you are helping or hindering your child by trying to explain how to solve a mathematics problem, which grammar to use in an essay or how to research a particular topic. This is when educational workbooks can be very useful.

Publishers make sure that the books they produce are up to date with current Government guidelines and so parents can be assured that the content is relevant to the age and development of their child. When choosing a book, look at the recommended age and key stage. Books with reward stickers and certificates can give your child the incentive to complete the workbook.

If you are still unsure whether a particular book is going to be helpful, it is always a good idea to ask your child’s teacher who may be able to view the book online and advise you further.

Helping with your child’s learning

With many young children starting school in September, there are parents all over the country worrying about how they can help their child in their education. Teachers have a huge task of teaching each and every pupil how to read and write as well as other skills such as social skills.

As a parent there is still plenty you can do to help your child in their learning journey.  More or less as soon as your child starts school, they will be given books to bring home. Taking 5 or 10 mins every day to hear them read and discuss the book with them can make a huge difference to how they progress at school and the early stages are often very important.

If your child enjoys reading and writing or maths or science then you could get them a fun activity book to complete at home with you.

Using books as a tool

Books are used for many reasons. For some books are purely for enjoyment, they like to read stories that are fiction to allow them time to unwind, switch off and let their imagination get carried away. For others, books are a great source of learning and can offer a wide range of subjects to study.

Book scan be great as a tool to help you explain a tricky subject to children. Sometimes there are certain times when we need to explain something to a child that is normally quite complicated in a simple way. Often by reading a book with them that shows a similar situation and allowing them to discuss it can be enough for them to be able to take it in and also to not worry, knowing that other people go through the same thing. Books like these are often used in situations where one parent has gone away of to explain the loss of a loved one.

Shopping with children

Some adults love shopping and some adults hate it, but if you have children you will know that almost any shopping trip can fast become a nightmare.

If you are shopping for more than 30 mins or so, many children start to play up and get frustrated and this can make days out shopping very unenjoyable. If at all possible I would recommend not taking children shopping with you if you know you are going to be a long time but if you have to then try and make sure you have regular breaks where they can sit down with a drink and maybe a snack. Sometimes just a ten min break is enough to settle them again for another few hours.

Some people try to bribe their children with a promise of gifts etc if they behave but this can quickly make a very expensive trip every time.

Buying second hand books

Books can be very expensive is buying from new. You may easily pay £10 plus for a book and once you have read it you may never pick it up again. Children’s books can also be expensive from certain places and often they will get damaged or they will grow out of them very quickly. Books are very important though to a child’s learning and development, so you still need books but can find them a lot cheaper than many high street retailers. Charity shops are a fantastic place to pick up books very cheaply. They often are less than a pound for a child’s book and sometimes in perfect condition. You can also pick up some great adult books for a fraction of their original selling price. Imagine all the books you could get from a charity shop for the same price you could get one from a retailer, and you have the added bonus that you have helped the charity too.