Where is the best place to shop for kids clothing?

If you have children, you will already know how much buying clothing and footwear can cost. The problem when it comes to buying children’s clothing is that they grow so fast that especially in the early days, you may find yourself having to buy them a completely new wardrobe 5 or 6 times in the first year.

Also slightly older children may often get quite messy either by playing outside, painting or even just from eating their dinner. For this reason you do not want to be spending a fortune on clothing that could be ruined the firth time they wear it!

Children’s clothes, like adult clothes range in quality and price so you may need to choose which you feel is more important. As a baby does not stay in the same size clothes for long, you may consider it more sensible to buy cheaper clothes as they will not have to last long, but some people feel that they want their baby to wear high quality clothing even if it does cost a little more. It may be that if you have other children or family / friends’ children that you may be able to pass the clothing down to. You can even buy designer brands of clothing for babies and young children buy you may feel that this is a bit of a waste.  

What is the job of a supply teacher?

The job of a supply teacher can vary quite a bit. In some instances, you will be expected to just cover a day or so of lessons and not have to do much planning. In other instances, where you are covering a class for a longer period, you are likely to have to plan lessons, mark work and basically do the job of the usual teacher.

If you are qualified as a teacher, then you have the decide to go in to supply teacher rather than a permanent position or this may be a something that you do when you are looking to go part time. A supply teacher will often find that their role varies from school to school and often even from class to class meaning that each day is different and there are new challenges.

Supple teachers are often paid more per day than permanent teachers so often they only need to work three days a week to earn the same as a permanent teacher who works five days a week. It is important to remember though that supply teachers do not get paid for the holidays unless they are on some sort of a contract which states they will.

Many teachers say that they enjoy supply teaching and find it more interesting than teaching the same class day in day out.

What to look for when purchasing a kettle

Kitchen accessories are often very important in order to make our lives a little bit easier. We often look for appliances that make cooking / heating times shorter and are easy to use and easy to clean.

Almost all of us use a kettle at least a few times a day to either make a cup of tea or coffee or to boil water to cook potatoes or veg. With this in mind it is important to remember that if you want a reliable kettle you may need to fork out a little more than you had hoped. Some kettles have quite fancy features on such as keep to a certain temperature and rapid boil. These sorts of features often increase the price of the kettle, but if it is something that would be handy to you, then it may be worth the extra investment.

When choosing your kettle, many people go purely for looks and cost but you should also check how quickly it boils and the energy efficiency rating. If you tend to use your kettle a few times in quick succession or boil it and then don’t make a drink for a while, then choosing a kettle with the keep warm setting can be ideal. This can also save money on your electricity bills by reducing the amount of times you have to boil the water.

Making the change from school to university

Many students have just had their first half term at university and it can often be very different to what they have been used to at school.

University is quite often about independent learning, and you must be motivated to work on your own, meet deadlines, revise and research. You will not be pushed as much as at school to attend, so if you do not put the effort in the chances are you will not be successful. Without drive and determination, you’ll likely to struggle with the university workload and timetable.

Going to university is a must for some students who have a career in mind which requires them to have a degree. Other students still may not know exactly what they want to do but attend university to study a subject they enjoy, which they hope will help them in future when it comes to finding work.

Lecturers are there to help you, but they may only help if you show a high level of commitment. You can get kicked off a course if you do not attend or fall way behind. If you are struggling with work rather than letting it get out of hand, speak to your lecturer and ask if you can help some extra help or time to complete your work.

Do you dream of a career in teaching?

Teachers don’t always get it easy. It is quite a challenging job to do at times and you will be expected to work on your “days off” to fit in all your marking and planning not to mention parents evenings and school trips.

Due to the pressures and time constraints, many teachers who have recently qualified actually end up leaving the industry in the first year. This means there is a constant need for new teachers coming through the system. Some schools are having to rely heavily on teaching assistants to spend a significant period of time teaching the class on their own rather than actually assisting the teacher, which is not ideal. Also many schools are turning to supply teachers to fill gaps whilst they are looking for replacement teachers to employ.

If you fancy a change in career and are up for a challenge, then why not train to be a teacher. Often the main issue is people not being aware of how much work is involved in being a teacher. You may think it’s a cushy job working 9 -3 and weekends off but this simply isn’t realistic and you will be expected to work a lot more hours than this.