What is the job of a supply teacher?

The job of a supply teacher can vary quite a bit. In some instances, you will be expected to just cover a day or so of lessons and not have to do much planning. In other instances, where you are covering a class for a longer period, you are likely to have to plan lessons, mark work and basically do the job of the usual teacher.

If you are qualified as a teacher, then you have the decide to go in to supply teacher rather than a permanent position or this may be a something that you do when you are looking to go part time. A supply teacher will often find that their role varies from school to school and often even from class to class meaning that each day is different and there are new challenges.

Supple teachers are often paid more per day than permanent teachers so often they only need to work three days a week to earn the same as a permanent teacher who works five days a week. It is important to remember though that supply teachers do not get paid for the holidays unless they are on some sort of a contract which states they will.

Many teachers say that they enjoy supply teaching and find it more interesting than teaching the same class day in day out.