Helping your child solve maths word problems

Maths word problems are used commonly in primary and secondary school. It is a way in ensuring that children can only do mathematical sums but also work out how to extract information from a question to do the correct sum. This is useful as in life you may be presented with a problem or situation where you first need to work out the correct sum to do before doing it.

Word problems is something that many children and some adults struggle with. You need to find ways of working out what is the important information and what information you don’t need. If your child is struggling with this then the best way to help them is with practise. Very often the maths activity books you can buy have a lot of word questions in them but you can also find examples online.

Your child needs to find a method that works well for them so it may be underlining all the information they need and writing the sum out first before trying to work out the answer. Some children can do this step in their heads where as others may need to see if written down. If you are concerned then do speak to their teacher as they may be able to advise you on other techniques you could try.