Are you a shopping addict?

Shopping is one of those things that many people say they are addicted to. Shopping can be addictive for men or for women although there are usually more women than men. It is not actually the shopping that people get addicted to, it is the feeling. If you are out buying clothes or treats for yourself then it may make you feel good. You can feel valued and that you are going to look good in what you have bought. This can give you a happy feeling and feeling of satisfaction that you may rarely get from other activities. It may be that you enjoy shopping for presents for other people. Many people love Christmas shopping for example, allowing them to buy gifts to treat friends and family. This can fulfil a need to please others.

If you feel that your shopping habits are becoming a little out of control or you are spending too much money, then why not try and find other things that give you the same buzz and satisfaction as shopping does. It may be that if you like shopping for others, donating gifts to a local hospice or charity shop may give you the same feeling.


Considering your shopping purchases

Some of us love to go shopping, it can be a bit of retail therapy and can give many people a confidence boost finding new clothes. When it comes to shopping, it can be very easy to get a bit carried away in the moment and more often than not, many of us end up buying items that when we get home, we don’t actually need or want. You may well see clothes in a charity shop still with tags on, which often have been bought but never taken out of the wardrobe.

When you come back from a shopping trip, get everything out of your bags and go through them again. If you have bought outfits, check to see if you have shoes, handbags or jewellery to match and if you don’t, consider how much more you will have to spend before opting to wear the outfit. Over the next few days, do not remove any of the tags and try the clothes on again in front of your own mirror. Sometimes changing rooms have a way of improving the lighting to make you flawless but often when we try things on elsewhere we are not as happy with the end result.

If you have bought something, not worn it, still have the tags on (or at least still have the tags) then why not return it. You can often get a full refund with very little quibble or at least store credit to go towards your next purchase.


Being a savvy online shopper

Many of us now do much of our shopping online. This is especially true at Christmas, where it can e all too much to have to face the busy supermarkets or high street stores to get wat we need.

When shopping online you need to be a little bit savvy in terms of secure and also to get a bargain. Firstly never do any online shopping without using a secured connection. If you do online shopping and input card details on a unsecured network you risk your details being compromised and sued for online fraud.

When looking for an item, for example a vacuum cleaner, you may already know what make and model you want but don’t know where the best place is to get it from. Performing a quick search online will often list a number of retails selling the item and the price they are selling it for. This allows you to quickly compare and see where you will get the best price.

With online shopping you may also be able to read reviews on a product before you buy it. This can be extremely helpful and can give you an insight in to how good the product is in the eyes of the public.


Shopping with children

Some adults love shopping and some adults hate it, but if you have children you will know that almost any shopping trip can fast become a nightmare.

If you are shopping for more than 30 mins or so, many children start to play up and get frustrated and this can make days out shopping very unenjoyable. If at all possible I would recommend not taking children shopping with you if you know you are going to be a long time but if you have to then try and make sure you have regular breaks where they can sit down with a drink and maybe a snack. Sometimes just a ten min break is enough to settle them again for another few hours.

Some people try to bribe their children with a promise of gifts etc if they behave but this can quickly make a very expensive trip every time.

Making a shopping list to save time and money

Making a shopping list is a great way to save time and to ensure you do not buy items you do not need when you go shopping. Many people using shopping lists when it comes to doing their grocery shopping, but I also make one for when I’m going clothes of present shopping.

If I know I need to get a jacket and two skirts, for example, then I write this down. I also set myself a budget to spend on the day. I firstly aim to get the items on my list and then if there is any budget left over I can then have a look through everything else.

When it comes to Christmas shopping I again make a list of everyone I have to buy for and ideally what I would like to get them. At the end of the trip, I can scan my list to make sure that I have not forgotten anyone.