Shopping online during lockdown

With so many of us not being able to get out other than to do a weekly food shop, many of us are missing our bit of retail therapy. It may even be that you do not like shopping, but if you need items that you cannot get from the grocery store you may have to participate in a bit of online shopping. If you are not sued to online shopping then you may worry about security. If you use one of the big retailers and ensure that you are on the genuine site then the security level is usually pretty high.

Paying with a credit card for higher cost purchases or using PayPal will also give you a bit of added protection.

When shopping online you may think you are less likely to impulse buy but because you often do not realise how much stuff you have added to your basket until the end, if your not careful you can easily get a bit carried away. Many retailers have tempting sales on at the moment which makes it even more likely that we will spend too much.

 Always decide before hand how much you can spend and be sure not to go over that.

Supermarket shopping – the new way

Since the Coronavirus pandemic, the way people shop is changing. When it first became apparent that this was going to hit the UK, many people started to stock up on essentials such as food, cleaning products and toilet rolls. This led to many people panic buying and buying in bulk. Now that the UK is on lockdown, people are only supposed to go out for food when it is essential. This means that trips to the local shopping centres are no longer permitted. The only stores that are open are those that supply food and medicine and supplies for people in certain trades.

Many supermarkets are restricting what how many of a certain item you can buy now to try and stop the panic buying and ensure that there is enough stock for everyone. Some supermarkets have also put a restriction on how many people can go into the shop at one time, meaning often there is a one in one out policy in place.

Shopping has certainly changed very drastically for now and no one knows exactly when it will return to normal. Shopping can no longer be the enjoyable outing it once was for many, now it is purely an essential trip that has to be done at certain times.

Where is the best place to shop for kids clothing?

If you have children, you will already know how much buying clothing and footwear can cost. The problem when it comes to buying children’s clothing is that they grow so fast that especially in the early days, you may find yourself having to buy them a completely new wardrobe 5 or 6 times in the first year.

Also slightly older children may often get quite messy either by playing outside, painting or even just from eating their dinner. For this reason you do not want to be spending a fortune on clothing that could be ruined the firth time they wear it!

Children’s clothes, like adult clothes range in quality and price so you may need to choose which you feel is more important. As a baby does not stay in the same size clothes for long, you may consider it more sensible to buy cheaper clothes as they will not have to last long, but some people feel that they want their baby to wear high quality clothing even if it does cost a little more. It may be that if you have other children or family / friends’ children that you may be able to pass the clothing down to. You can even buy designer brands of clothing for babies and young children buy you may feel that this is a bit of a waste.  

What to look for when purchasing a kettle

Kitchen accessories are often very important in order to make our lives a little bit easier. We often look for appliances that make cooking / heating times shorter and are easy to use and easy to clean.

Almost all of us use a kettle at least a few times a day to either make a cup of tea or coffee or to boil water to cook potatoes or veg. With this in mind it is important to remember that if you want a reliable kettle you may need to fork out a little more than you had hoped. Some kettles have quite fancy features on such as keep to a certain temperature and rapid boil. These sorts of features often increase the price of the kettle, but if it is something that would be handy to you, then it may be worth the extra investment.

When choosing your kettle, many people go purely for looks and cost but you should also check how quickly it boils and the energy efficiency rating. If you tend to use your kettle a few times in quick succession or boil it and then don’t make a drink for a while, then choosing a kettle with the keep warm setting can be ideal. This can also save money on your electricity bills by reducing the amount of times you have to boil the water.

Should you get your child in to fashion?

Fashion is often one of those things that you either love or hate. Some people live by fashion trends where as other purposely dress the opposite to fashion trends that are currently on the high street. When it comes to children, parents may like their child to have on trend clothing and foot wear or they may think that they are too young to be worrying about fashion and would rather they just wear whatever is comfortable.

Some fashions for adults may not be appropriate for children and each parent has to decide for themselves what they allow their child to wear.

If you find that your child is becoming a little bit too concerned with fashions and with named brand labels then you may want to start to teach them about the value of money. Some parents offer their child one pair of trainers for example, but say if the child wants a more expensive pair then they need to save up their own money to put towards it. This will make the child really think if they want the item or not and if they want to spend their money that they may have been saving for a while on a pair of trainers. Really the important thing is that your child feels comfortable and happy in what they wear regardless of what everyone else is wearing.