Training a work colleague

If you are having time off from your job for example for maternity leave, of a holiday then you may need to train someone to take over from you. It may be someone that currently works for your company of often a temp bought in from an outside company.

They may have experience in a similar job role but often you will need to train them on how you do the job in the way it is needed to be.

Training someone can be frustrating as you may find the job easy to do if you have had quite a bit of experience in it but someone coming in to the role from fresh may not pick it  up as quickly. If this is the situation then I would recommend making comprehensive notes and even doing screen grabs to give to the trainee for them to follow in your absence.


Working for a supply teaching agency

If you are looking for work as a supply teacher then you may consider registering with a teaching agency. Like recruitment agencies they work on finding you that ideal job that is within your skill set and location. A teaching recruitment agency will advertise jobs for teachers but also often other roles based in schools such as teach assistants and coaches.

Most teaching agencies will advertise permanent and supply based jobs and the way they charge for their service can differ dependent upon this. For example, a permanent teaching post will be advertised on behalf of a school, college or uni and it is the employer that is usually responsible for the recruitment costs. If they work is of a temporary basis then it is usually the candidate that will pay the agency. Each agency is ran different so it is worth checking out the terms and thoroughly reading a contract before signing it.

Finding a school for your child

Many parents of children that were born between 1st September 2011 and the 31st August 2012 are being contacted by their local council in relation to their child starting school. All children that are born between these dates are able to start school in September 2016.

You may have already received a letter from your local council asking you to apply for a place at your chosen primary school that you wish your child to attend. They ask you to give three choices if possible in the order of your preference and then to explain further if there is any reason as to why you feel you should get priority (such as older sibling already at the school).

The form can be completed by the post, online or over the telephone and once submitted you have until mid-January to change it. You should hear back by the 16th April as to which school has offered your child a place.


Keeping the children entertained during school holidays

School holidays can be hard for parents, trying to arrange childcare so they can continue working along with finding activities to keep the children entertained.

There are many things you can do with children to keep the boredom at bay that do not cost the earth. Walking is a great way for all the family to get exercise and will keep children entertained for hours. You could chose to walk around a local forest and discover different animals that live there. You can make up your own games such as making faces out of leaves, building camps with twigs and if there is water nearby, throwing sticks in a river or brook and watching them race.

Another activity you could try if the weather is not great is making cards. Get some card or even paper folded over, cut some pictures out of magazines or catalogues and allow the children to stick them down. You could also give them glitter, pens and paint to make the card decorating even more exciting.


The Best Paying Jobs for Teachers in Tamworth

Are you a teacher by profession and needs to get a better paying job in Tamworth? There are several teaching jobs in Tamworth that you can always apply for to earn more salaries. The jobs are available as from primary to university level and even working under the educational sector. You can easily find these jobs online hence very reliable and convenient once you have the qualifications needed.

Why do you need to apply for the teaching jobs available in Tamworth? There are several reasons that will make you to apply for these jobs. Some of these include: