Learning from books

Book have been and still are a great way to learn new things. You can often learn a lot even from a novel or fictional story even about the English language for example. If you are looking to learn a new language then books can be a great way to start. It can mean that the whole process is effortless and can be done from the comfort of your chair or even your bed. Often people say that reading something makes it sink in quicker than hearing it and therefore books can really speed up the language learning process. You do not have to read many reference books from front to back, you can pick and choose the chapters that interest you making it more enjoyable and more specific to what you want to learn more about.

Some books can be expensive and it may be that once you have read them once you may not return to them so why not look around at car boots, charity shops and libraries to find a copy of the book you want saving on the initial cost.

Some of the best children’s books

Writing children’s books is no easy task yet there are some truly fantastic books that really do capture the imagination of children all over the world.

Here are some of my favourites from when I was young and favourites of my children also:-

The twits – this is a Roald Dahl classic, the funny story of the horrible tricks that the two characters inflict upon each other will have children squealing with laughter.

Each peach pear plum – this fantastic book takes many nursery rhymes and puts them all together in a rhyme that follows through the book in a funny sing-song style of rhymes that children love to parrot.

Up the far away tree – written by Enid Blyton is a set of fanciful tales about two children who climb a tree and find themselves in various magical lands where they meet a number of characters and go on wild adventures. It’s just as popular with children now as it was nearly thirty years ago, it’s really stood the test of time.

Audio Books

Audio Books have now been around for a number of years and having apps with integrated technology to read yo you has only boosted their popularity further. In most smart phones there is a feature that allows the phone to scan and read sections of whatever your reading aloud so you can listen to it as opposed to reading it.


There are also specifically tailored apps that will download the complete selection of novels, biographies or personal interest and read it to you with the comfort of your headphones on or coming though your speakers. It is not everyone preference but it is a means to engage deeper into language, the power of good story telling and also a great alternative to being a modern zombie spending countless hours being drained by television. What’s even better with audio books is that they are not saturated with an abundance of adverts for things you don’t want technically need in your life.

Advantages of Buying ebooks

With eBooks now becoming more popular than ever, what are the advantages of buying books this way? Many phone and tablet platforms now offer the purchase of digital copies of many books; these books can be purchased and downloaded to your account. One of the benefits of this is that you can download a copy of the purchased book on to more than one of your devices. Many people opt to use eBooks when on holiday as it also saves on luggage space and means that you can take many books down to the beach or swimming pool with you by only taking your phone or tablet.


You will also find that there are many eBooks that are free to download and if you are a quick reader this can save you quite a bit of money. Most eBooks allow you to preview the book and read the first few pages without having to buy where as it is not really thought of as acceptable to stand in a shop reading the pages of a book before you decide to buy it.

Ignoring DVDs and Getting back into books

Many great films all began in a book, where an author takes you on a journey and you’re able to use your own imagination to take you through the story. Many people, and children in particular, enjoy watching films and buying DVDs however, spending some time reading can also be a rewarding experience.

Reading a book is completely different to watching a film, you don’t rely on graphics and actors, and instead you rely on your own imagination. For example many people have read harry potter, and watch the films and the vast majority will say ‘the films are nothing like the books’.


If you’ve not sat down in awhile with a book then it could be time to dedicate some time to reading, it could be your new year’s resolution and there are so many new unique experiences that books can take you on, so experience it first before it hits the motion pictures.