Buying new books doesn’t have to break the bank

If you are an avid book reader you may find that the increasing price of new books is costing you a small fortune however there are a few handy hints for keeping your reading collection up to date without breaking the bank.

Always look out for multi-buy offers – many of the large high street book retailers will often have discount offers on if you buy more than one book so its often worth stocking up when the offers are on. 

Buy pre-loved books – this could be from a charity shop. Charity shops get loads of books donated everyday and tend to sell them on very cheap. You can find all sorts of books from fiction to non-fiction and even recipe books.

Make use of your local library – these hidden gems are often forgotten about but you can usually join your local library for free and have access to thousands of texts on various subjects. You can either read them at the library or rent the book out for a period of time to take home with you. To avoid any late fees ensure your book is returned on time and in good condition.

In some towns they also offer a free book exchange, have a look online to find your nearest drop off point and get rid of your old books to borrow new ones.   

Buying children’s books on a budget

Reading is one of the most important things your child can learn to do. Reading books helps with not only their reading ability but also spelling, writing and emotions and understanding.

Lots of primary schools have cut down on the amount of homework they give to children and have instead asked them to read ideally every night. Your child may be given a book from school that they need to read but it may not be one that they would normally choose. This is good as it makes them try new genres of books but they may also want other books to read at home.

Finding books that are suitable for your child’s reading ability can be tricky but there are a number of places that sell books that are split into levels based on ability or age. New books can be costly, but you don’t always have to buy new. You can often grab yourself a bargain by buying second hand books either online or in a charity shop.  Even some pound shops sell level based reading books and many of them as based on well-known children’s tv shows or characters. Finding an author your child likes will help you find other books they may be interested in.

Finding a genre of book that your child can enjoy

Reading is so especially important to a child’s learning and education. It is important to get them to read as often as possible as this will help with them with many aspects of their education and social skills.

It may be that your child says that they do not like reading, but often it is just that they haven’t found the right genre of book yet. Sometimes some of the books they have from school may be a little boring. It is worth trying to get a few different sorts of books and get your child to read at least a chapter or two of each. Some children like silly or funny books, some like books with pictures in and others may like mystery books or puzzle solving. Often children will like books by the same author, so if your child does find a book they enjoy, have a look to see if they have written any others.

Some books are fun to read but not all that good in terms of the way they are written. Some books don’t use the correct punctuation which can throw children sometimes, especially when they are quite young and just learning about punctuation at school.

Start up your own book club and make new friends

Many people enjoy settling down with a good book and are eager to talk about their current read especially if it is absorbing so what better way to do this than start a book club.

The main idea of a book club is that everyone reads the same book and then either meets up in person to talk about it or online if meeting up is not possible. Some novels have ideas for discussions at the end of the book that can be used to stimulate debate and provoke thoughts into character motives, plot lines and author intent giving the group a good starting point for discussion.

Another way to organise a book club is to use it as a way of swapping books that have been enjoyed. Obviously, discussions about the book could only take place once every member has read the book to avoid any spoilers. Members could however provide a brief synopsis of the book whilst not revealing any twists that the story may contain.

Joining a book club is a good way to make new friends with similar interests as yourself and it is certainly worth finding out if such a club exists if you move to a new area.

Real book or e reader what is your preference?

When e readers first came onto the market there was outcry amongst some members of the public who felt that they would take over the literary world and completely replace real books in future years. This has not been the case as can be seen in most of our supermarkets where a variety of books from autobiographies to the latest romantic novel can be bought so is there a place for both?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes for most people as each has advantages and disadvantages. Probably one of the reasons why people choose an e reader is that a whole library of books can be stored on it and so especially if you are going away on holiday and anticipate reading a few books it cuts down on the amount of real books you need to take, reducing the space and weight taken up in your luggage. If you are reading whilst sunbathing the e reader can still be read as the screen allows it to be seen in bright light and there’s no need to worry about losing your place as it automatically restarts where you left off.

With all the advantages of e readers why are real books still a popular choice? We are creatures of habit and for some people the enjoyment they get from holding a book and turning the pages can never be replaced by a handheld device no matter how sophisticated.