Finding the right genre of book for you

Reading has always been a popular pastime but with people now being able to download books to read on their phone or tablet more and more people are getting hooked on books. Some people say that they do not enjoy reading and find it boring but often the reason is that they have just not found the right genre of book. Unlike a film, you have to use your imagination a bit with a book and often this can be quite difficult to start with. If you are someone who likes a good thriller or horror film then the chances are you will like a similar genre of book.

Some books are more easy reading and again, for some, this is just what they need when they are drifting off to sleep. Also it may be that you only like books from certain authors, so once you have found a book you enjoy, try reading a few other titles by the same author.

If you had given up on books then why not give it a go again, but try something totally different to anything you have read before. You may prefer to use a tablet or Kobo or you may find that you actually like to be able to physically turn the page.