Buying new books doesn’t have to break the bank

If you are an avid book reader you may find that the increasing price of new books is costing you a small fortune however there are a few handy hints for keeping your reading collection up to date without breaking the bank.

Always look out for multi-buy offers – many of the large high street book retailers will often have discount offers on if you buy more than one book so its often worth stocking up when the offers are on. 

Buy pre-loved books – this could be from a charity shop. Charity shops get loads of books donated everyday and tend to sell them on very cheap. You can find all sorts of books from fiction to non-fiction and even recipe books.

Make use of your local library – these hidden gems are often forgotten about but you can usually join your local library for free and have access to thousands of texts on various subjects. You can either read them at the library or rent the book out for a period of time to take home with you. To avoid any late fees ensure your book is returned on time and in good condition.

In some towns they also offer a free book exchange, have a look online to find your nearest drop off point and get rid of your old books to borrow new ones.