Buying children’s books on a budget

Reading is one of the most important things your child can learn to do. Reading books helps with not only their reading ability but also spelling, writing and emotions and understanding.

Lots of primary schools have cut down on the amount of homework they give to children and have instead asked them to read ideally every night. Your child may be given a book from school that they need to read but it may not be one that they would normally choose. This is good as it makes them try new genres of books but they may also want other books to read at home.

Finding books that are suitable for your child’s reading ability can be tricky but there are a number of places that sell books that are split into levels based on ability or age. New books can be costly, but you don’t always have to buy new. You can often grab yourself a bargain by buying second hand books either online or in a charity shop.  Even some pound shops sell level based reading books and many of them as based on well-known children’s tv shows or characters. Finding an author your child likes will help you find other books they may be interested in.