Buying children’s books on a budget

Reading is one of the most important things your child can learn to do. Reading books helps with not only their reading ability but also spelling, writing and emotions and understanding.

Lots of primary schools have cut down on the amount of homework they give to children and have instead asked them to read ideally every night. Your child may be given a book from school that they need to read but it may not be one that they would normally choose. This is good as it makes them try new genres of books but they may also want other books to read at home.

Finding books that are suitable for your child’s reading ability can be tricky but there are a number of places that sell books that are split into levels based on ability or age. New books can be costly, but you don’t always have to buy new. You can often grab yourself a bargain by buying second hand books either online or in a charity shop.  Even some pound shops sell level based reading books and many of them as based on well-known children’s tv shows or characters. Finding an author your child likes will help you find other books they may be interested in.

How to avoid the Christmas rush

Christmas is likely to be a big deal for many people this year following on from the disappointment of last, when we were very restricted as to what we could do and when. The shops are already full of Christmas decorations, gifts and foods and many people have already started to buy what they need for the festive period.

If you do not want to get caught in the Christmas rush, then you may wish to start buying your gifts early this year. Many people have already started and if you leave it too late not only may you find that the items you want are not available but also that you have hours of queuing to contend with.

To avoid spending too much or coming away without everything you need, why not make a list. You may decide to make several lists such as one for food, one for gifts and one for decorations. Decorations are likely to be bought first followed by gifts and then the food last. If you are wanting got get a turkey for Christmas, then you may need to put your order in at your local butchers soon to ensure you get one.

Getting carried away with buying accessories

If you have recently done up a room in your house, you may want to go out and get some accessories to go in it. Accessories definitely do have their place and they can make a room look more homely, but you do need to consider how much extra it is going to cost you.  

Buying cushions, table clothes, kitchen storage cannisters, rugs and mats can very quickly add a couple of hundred pounds on to the cost of the renovation of the room.

IF you want to buy next accessories then why not have a look on your local Facebook marketplace. You may be surprised as to how much you can save by buying second-hand items. Often people even sell new items on there but at a fraction of the cost.

Make a list of what sorts of items you want for your newly decorated room. Then put them in a priority order of what you need and then what you want. You can then budget and start off by getting the items you need. Once you have gotten all those items you can start to buy the item you want. You can spread the cost over a few months so it is not such a big outlay all in one go.

You may even be able to upcycle items you already have such as recovering chairs rather than replacing them.

Helping your child solve maths word problems

Maths word problems are used commonly in primary and secondary school. It is a way in ensuring that children can only do mathematical sums but also work out how to extract information from a question to do the correct sum. This is useful as in life you may be presented with a problem or situation where you first need to work out the correct sum to do before doing it.

Word problems is something that many children and some adults struggle with. You need to find ways of working out what is the important information and what information you don’t need. If your child is struggling with this then the best way to help them is with practise. Very often the maths activity books you can buy have a lot of word questions in them but you can also find examples online.

Your child needs to find a method that works well for them so it may be underlining all the information they need and writing the sum out first before trying to work out the answer. Some children can do this step in their heads where as others may need to see if written down. If you are concerned then do speak to their teacher as they may be able to advise you on other techniques you could try.

Why swimming lessons are so important for school children

This year we have been very lucky to have a few nice blocks of hot and sunny weather. There have even been a few heatwaves where the temperatures have reached in to the low thirties! This weather can make people flock to the beach or pools in desperate need of a dip but sometimes people also choose to venture to lakes and rivers. This can be dangerous especially if you are not a strong swimmer.

It is very important that all children are given the opportunity to learn how to swim from a young age. It is a life skill and one that they may well need a number of times throughout their life. Not only can it help to keep them safe when in the water but also possibly help them save someone else.

Often schools only take the older pupils such as years five and six swimming, so until they are around 10 they may have little or no experience in the water. Some schools have started to see how important it is for all pupils to be given the opportunity and therefore has started taking the whole school swimming for a set number of weeks usually through the summer.

Giving these children the opportunity to get confident in the water and to learning to swim small distances can be a lifesaving skill.